How To Grow YouTube Channel

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Congrats, you want to grow your YouTube Channel. You have taken the huge step in putting your message out there. Perhaps, you have set up an office or home studio (hey! work from home), and invested deeply into your video editing skill.

..but there is a major challenge. Your subscriber count is less than 1,000; and, your videos are only seen in 3 digits. 462, 197, 385…

You are worried that your message is getting lost in the vast land of YouTube.

You have probably heard the quote by the Irish philosopher, George Berkeley, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

In this post, I am going to help you make your sound heard. Before I do that, I am going to share with you the top fastest-growing YouTube channels (according to Neoreach), for there is a science to their success.

  1. MrBeast 26.8M subscribers
  2. AzzyLand 10.5M subscribers
  3. T-Series 121M subscribers
  4. Morgz 10.9M subscribers
  5. Tfue 11.3M subscribers
  6. Jeffree Star 16.7M subscribers
  7. James Charles 16.3M subscribers
  8. PewDiePie 121M subscribers
  9. SSSniperWolf 17.3M subscribers
  10. Shane Dawson 23.1M subscribers

Here are the steps to grow your business YouTube Channel:

1) Niche your YouTube channel

Niche is a segment of your industry that you are targeting. Examples include vegan drug foods, personal trainers for actors, etc.
When niching your YouTube channel, you want to ensure that you focus on the name of the channel and the content you post on the channel.

○ Name: Anyone should be able to tell what the channel is about from the name
○ Video: Most of your videos (especially the recent ones) should address your target audience’s peculiar needs and desires.

2) Subscribe and turn notifications on for the big channels in your industry

Ideally, you want to focus on three to five channels that have high video views and subscribers in your niche.

○ Comment the very second they post. Once you receive the notification of their post, comment immediately under the video. Ideally, you will compliment the publisher, talk about what you’ve done based on the publisher’s recommendation and soft sell your YouTube channel.

Thanks Josy for another excellent video on dog food. Your videos inspired me to start my YouTube channel where I talk about vegan dog food.

3) Focus on Data

Watch out for your best performing videos and publish more of similar content. For instance, if your most viewed video is how to make vegan dog food at home, then you can produce another video with the title, “Top Ten Ingredients You Need to Produce a Dog Vegan Food.”

4) Let Your Channel Show Your Personality

You don’t have to wait till your channel is big before you start letting your channel display who you are. If you are logical, don’t try to make jokes, especially when you can’t tell if a joke is appropriate. If you are the fun type, don’t try to recite facts as you could attract an audience that may have a different expectation.

5) Have a YouTube Intro and Outro with a strong CTA

You need to have good intro music to set the tone for your YouTube videos. You can easily get royalty-free songs online. Use royalty-free songs to avoid getting censored by YouTube.
At the end of each video, ask the viewers to subscribe and turn on their notifications to learn more about your future updates. This will help you quickly grow your YouTube channel.

6) Send your video to bloggers to embed

You can check online to look for bloggers in your niche. If they have a post that is relevant to any of your videos, you can send them an email asking them to embed your videos in their posts. It is a symbiotic relationship. They get to provide their audience with more quality content and you have backlinks to your channel.

In conclusion, you can have 30k followers in one year. YouTube algorithm keeps recommending videos that have been posted months and years earlier; so, exercise patience and watch your channel grow.

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